Amanda Carreon of  Jerome H. Davis Interiors

Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors

Jerome H. Davis is the third generation in her family to have a passion for fine furniture and interior design as a career. Growing up in North Carolina amongst the craftspeople who took great pride in their work and passed their skills down from one generation to the next gave Jerome a lot of knowledgein the quality distinctions of fine furniture. Her grandfather and father invented the machinery that produced tungsten carbide cutting tools that would shape the fronts  in furniture manufacturing.  Jerome also grew the knowledge of antiques and retail business through the parents of her husband who owned a retail furniture store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  So, keeping with the family tradition Andy took the route of wholesale furniture sales which added to the knowledge set.

The Davis family moved to Florida in the fall of 1979 after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She and her husband traveled North Central Florida and South Georgia selling a casegood line called Burlington Furniture and ultimately many other lines quite successfully.   After the death of her husband in March of 1994 Jerome decided to carry on their love of furniture by opening The Glen Addie Collection – a beautiful and inspirational home décor studio located in Gainesville, Florida. Jerome felt this was the best venue to continue her love of making the home beautiful but also carry on her duty as a single parent. The Glen Addie Collection carried the finest lines of furniture, artwork and accessories. Glen Addie introduced Jerome and her innate design talents to the people of North Central Florida. With the help of a great staff Glen Addie set the bar for design in the area. The Glen Addie Collection and Jerome were featured many times in the Gainesville Sun and in the Florida magazine and other publications.

In 2000, Jerome’s design reputation had grown to the point that she felt that she could be a better advocate for the consumer working one on one with her clients.  One of her major clients, Tommy Waters Custom Homes, gave Jerome the opportunity to work one on one with clients that were building their dream home.   Each step of the building process Jerome was there to walk through each decision to make sure the client ended up with a custom home that reflected their unique tastes. Every detail was thoroughly thought out as a part of the comprehensive design.

Her love of the art of decorating the home continues in Gainesville, Florida and Jerome enjoys each challenge a new project presents.  Jerome’s work has been featured in the Gainesville Sun and the Gainesville Magazine.

I would like to introduce my partner (and lovely daughter) Amanda Davis Carreon.  Amanda was born and raised here in Gainesville and I am proud to say she is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in Music Education.  She is a flute instructor, a member of The Gainesville Pops Orchestra, an associate with Chico’s (an upscale women’s boutique) and her passion — designing/organizing/purging closets (A Divine Closet).  The great news is that Amanda has so much energy she can do all of these things really well.  Amanda has been around the home design industry since she was born.  At age of 9 when I opened The Glen Addie Collection, Amanda was privy to the inside view of owning, managing, and operating a home décor business.  She was put to work at a young age hanging the new fabrics from our vendors every season.  Watching the designers put together the vignettes in the showroom fascinated Amanda.  Soon she was fluffing and poofing the vignettes for the designers.  Upon her return home to Gainesville (her fiancé in tow, now husband) she decided to pursue her career with Chico’s while still teaching flute and performing.  As my design business grew, I needed Amanda to step up and come on board with her talents in the interior decorating business.  Amanda brings a youthful approach to our design work.  She has an “eye” for it and is quickly catching on to the technical aspects of the job.  Her life long experience in this industry has given her a unique insight to procuring the products that our clients will need.

This is a dream come true for me.  Being able to share my life/work knowledge with her is amazing.   So, you not only get one very talented and creative designer with 30 years of experience for yourproject; you will get two, two people who care very much about their clients, their wants and their needs as well as a fabulous finished project!!!